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We help teachers and parents to engage children into learning

Empowering educators

A simple ball is already a good engagement tool, but our system consists of the ball with NFC reader and NFC wristbands. All of the hardware is connected to the PC/laptop with our software (educational games). No personal devices or internet is needed. No personal data is collected.

structure of the product
throwing ball in the classroom

Connecting students

Students throw QuestEd Ball to each other. Once the ball with NFC comes to proximity with the NFC wristbands, our system will know which student will answer and system can give harder or easier questions to particular students, based on previous performance.

Freedom of Teaching

Once the teacher hears the answers of a student, they will press correct/incorrect button. Doing this, will assign answer and the time to the student with the ball.This system can be used for any subject.

teacher confirms answers
teacher examines data

Stay informed

After the class, teacher is presented with the collected performance data. Teacher can see which questions were hard for particular students, and how long it took them to answer. Based on this data, teachers can create reports for parents and school administration

Sounds interesting?

49 € for the whole package + 20 € monthly subscription to the games (educational software)

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